Friday, February 1, 2013

2nd Annual Vallarta Bird Festival

2nd Annual Vallarta Bird Festival  
March 7-10, 2013

View from Vallarta Botanical Garden restaurant

"The Vallarta Bird Conservancy presents this years festival March 7-10 and will be hosted by Co-founder Vallarta Botanical Gardens.  4 days of guided tours, presentations, and lectures for a wonderful opportunity to view, learn and enjoy the wonderful birds in Puerto vallarta and Cabo Corrientes area.
Greg R. Homel , the keynote speaker and guide, is an ornithologist, award-winning international nature photojournalist, documentary film producer, and lecturer.  Greg along with other professional international guides and biologists Alex Martinez, Carlos Bonilla, Sandra Gallo-Corona, Neil Gerlowski, Paul Hart, Roberto Ornelas, William Tractenberg and Luis Morales will be leading tours and lectures each day."

Birding with Alex Martinez in 2010. We had a totally awesome time!