Friday, July 29, 2016

Birds on Coins!

As I was rummaging for coins to use at the laundromat, I noticed that a number of United States quarters feature birds. It was like birding in my change jar!

Kisatchie, Louisiana- Wild Turkey (left),
Louisiana Purchase- Brown Pelican (center), and
Bombay Hook, Delaware- Great Blue Heron (right)

South Carolina- Carolina Wren (left), and Minnesota- Common Loon (right)

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Exploring the World of Birds at the Bronx Zoo

There aren't many ways to see a Congo Peacock, Maleo, and Helmeted Currasow in an afternoon. These birds live on different continents so it would be near impossible to get close with current technology, even if they were easy to find in the wild. They are not.

Maleo: the Bronx Zoo is reportedly the only place in the world where this
bird exists outside of the Sula Islands of Indonesia
Most birders don't seem to care for looking at birds in zoos. I find it a complement to the study of birds in the wild and birds in published material. It can be helpful to study the three-dimensional shapes and sizes of a wide variety of birds, even unfamiliar families, without the serious effort and expense of trekking around the globe.

Yes, there is a House Sparrow on the pathway there.

Monday, July 11, 2016

Birding with the Linnean Society on Staten Island

Coast along Staten Island at Great Kills Park

We started the morning at Great Kills Park. Highlights included Bonaparte's Gull, Black Scoter, Bank Swallows, Little Blue Heron, and Black Skimmer.

Complete bird list and photos from Great Kills Park:

Grassland in Staten Island at Mt. Loretto Unique Area

We finished the morning at Mt. Loretto Unique Area. Highlights included Black Vulture, Yellow-billed Cuckoo, an Eastern Kingbird feeding its young at a nest, and an Indigo Bunting.

Complete bird list and photos from Mt. Loretto Unique Area:

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