Saturday, June 17, 2017

Birding the Bronx River along Soundview Park

The mouth of the Bronx River, emptying into the East River, which is a tidal
straight between Long Island Sound and the Upper New York Bay.. 

Industry is still part of the Bronx River and this is in full view
at Soundview Park, but there are birds here.

Looking south at riverbank, not much riparian area is present, but these
Brant geese visit in late fall, winter, and early spring.
A closer at the Brant geese, April 2017.

A Yellow-crowned Night-heron feeding close to low tide, when the water
level of the river is also affected. I believe many of the herons feeding at this
location are from heronries on small islands, especially the Brother Islands
in the East River.

I would expect to see a Red-throated Loon further out, but this one was
in the Bronx River at high tide in April 2017, about a quarter of a mile
before it empties into the East River.
A male and female Bufflehead in the Bronx River, April 2017.

The Bronx River and the green spaces around it support enough to attract
predators as well, even if they are just visiting, like this Peregrine
Falcon, in April 2017.

Grassland habitat maintained by NYC Parks in Soundview Park, April 2017.

Another grassland habitat at Soundview Park in June 2017, although
it is heavily impacted by invasive mugwort. Many of the large trees
in this park are cottonwoods.

An American Robin in an Eastern Cottonwood tree, by far the most abundant
tree in Soundview Park. June 2017.

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