Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Birding the Bronx River at the Bronx Zoo

The Bronz Zoo is a great place to see birds- and not just the species on exhibit!

A mother Wood Duck with her ducklings swims on the
Bronx River, on May 12, 2017, at the Bronx River,
seen from the Mitsubishi River Walk. Species like this

are able to breed and raise their young in the habitat
around the Bronx River.

Habitat along the Bronx River at the Bronx Zoo includes
remaining forest of Tulip Trees, oaks, and other native trees.
Other habitats include mudflats and some wetlands along the
river (and some in animal enclosures). While most species
just migrate through, there are species that breed here too.

The north end of the Zoo from the Fordham Road Gate to
the Bronx River Gate provides overlooks of the river. The
ramps up to the World of Birds exhibit. also in the north end,
allow you to get close to the tree tops. The Mitubishi River
Walk, just outside the Bronx River Gate, provides additional
views of the river and is a rewarding spot to bird watch. 

A Spotted Sandpiper foraging on an exposed muddy bank
of the Bronx River, seen from the Mitsubishi River Walk, in 

May 2017.

A Solitary Sandpiper forages in the watery areas of the
Père David's deer exhibit in May 2017. This species can also
be seen on the mudflats from the Mitsubishi River Walk.

Baltimore Orioles migrate through the forest at the Bronx River
and some also stick around through breeding season, per eBird.

A Magnolia Warbler hunts for insects in this flowering oak
tree on the Mitsubishi River Walk in May 2017.

Yellow Warblers migrate through but also stick around
during breeding season. Keep an eye and ear out for them
on the River Walk. 

A Blackburnian Warbler visited and sang for me on May 15,
2017, just outside the bison exhibit, in the riparian
area of the river.

Spectacularly, a Yellow-throated Warbler passed through the
Bronx River habitat on May 15, 2017. This is not a common
species in the Bronx at all, but combing good habitat at the right
time is a good way to find something special!

Warbling Vireos migrate through the Bronx Zoo and also
stick around during the breeding season, per eBird. More
likely to be heard than seen, listen for their string of whistles.

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